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Bypassing Auto-lock Alarm Functionality

Some alarms may have anti-jack functionality which auto-locks the doors after a period of switching the ignition on. This has the unwanted effect of folding your newly wired mirrors back in.

There are basically three options: (a) install a switch as shown in the original schematic - which you can switch off as you enter the car, and then switch on before leaving the car; (b) disable the auto-lock functionality on the alarm - this may require an alarm specialist/dealer and could thus be costly, not to mention reducing your security; (c) use a third relay to to automatically control when the mirrors should be in auto/manual mode:

Schematic v1.1

The above schematic shows how to implement the third option. By using a switched 12v supply and a SPDT 5-pin relay, the switched ignition will prevent the mirrors from folding back in. Thus the auto folding mirrors will only work on command of the central locking when the ignition is off.

The 12v switched supply is taken from the wiring loom that is used for the car stereo head unit. Remove the center console trim and remove the stereo. From the original Mitsubishi wiring loom, the thick blue wire is the 12v switched supply (you should check this with a multimeter before going any further). Connect another wire to it by stripping some of the insulation or using a dedicated splicing connector.

Connect all the wires as shown in schematic v1.1. Note that pin 87 is not connected to anything. Ensure all bare pins and wired connections are sufficiently insulated with tape before finishing.

The completed job with all three relays taped together for neatness.

Auto Folding Mirrors

How to connect FTO folding mirrors to the central locking.
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