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Fuel Cost Calculator

To calculate your average fuel running costs do the following:

  • Fill the tank to max next time you fill up (ie until the nozzle clicks and doesn't let any more petrol in).
  • Reset the journey mileage counter on the dash by pushing and holding the button for a few seconds. (A quick press flicks between journey and total counter)
  • Drive until you have used at least 3/4 of your tank (to get a good average reading).
  • Fill the tank to the max again, taking note of the recorded journey milage just before filling up.
  • Then simply enter this milage, and the amount and cost of petrol you have just put in below

Distance travelled (from full tank)
Units Miles Kilometers
Litres (that refilled tank)
Cost (of the above fuel)
Tank Capacity
Calculate your FTO fuel costs.
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