Project Materials and Costs

Item Source Cost
El core Transformer (2 x 27.5v)Old Amp£0.00 
5600uF 42v Capacitor x2Old Amp£0.00 
Bridge RectifierOld Amp£0.00 
CasingPC AT PSU£0.00 
Power SwitchPC AT Case£0.00 
Fuse HolderMaplin£0.49 
1.6AT fuses (pack of 10)Maplin£1.79 
Green LED x2Maplin£0.94 
1K Resistor x2Old Amp£0.00 
12K ResistorOld Amp£0.00 
22uF CapacitorOld Amp£0.00 
PotOld Amp£0.00 
Speaker TerminalsOld Amp£0.00 
Phono ConnectorOld Amp£0.00 
HeatsinkPC AT Case£0.00 

Gainclone Chip Amp

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