Project Materials and Costs (for 2 amplifiers)

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Qty Item Source Cost
1Standard PCB Kit v1Brian Bell£19.30 
  1  PCB Boards (2 Amps, 1 Rectifier)
  2  LM3875TF
  4  22k ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistor
  2  220 ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistor
  2  680 ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistor
  2  1500uF 50v Panasonic FC Capacitor
  8  MUR860 On Semiconductor Diode
  2  4.7uF Panasonic FC Capacitor
1Premium PCB Kit v2Brian Bell£35.80 
  1  PCB Boards (2 Amps, 2 Rectifier)
  2  LM3875TF
  4  22k ohm Caddock MK132 resistor
  2  220 ohm Caddock MK132 resistor
  2  680 ohm Riken 0.5W resistor
  2  1500uF 50v Panasonic FC Capacitor
  8  MUR860 On Semiconductor Diode
  2  4.7uF Black Gate 4.7uF N Capacitor
4Black Gate Standard 1000uf CapsBrian Bell£27.80 
2300VA/20v Toroidal TransformerAirlink Transformers£68.83 
12A Antisurge 20mm fuse (10 pack)Maplin£1.79 
2Mains Inlet Chasis PlugMaplin£3.58 
132/0.2mm Equipment Wire RedMaplin£1.39 
132/0.2mm Equipment Wire BlackMaplin£1.39 
132/0.2mm Equipment Wire WhiteMaplin£1.39 
132/0.2mm Equipment Wire BlueMaplin£1.39 
2Alu. Sheet 6 x 300 x 80mmRapid Metals£6.23 
2Alu. Sheet 4 x 260 x 80mmRapid Metals£4.70 
4Alu. Sheet 6 x 200 x 74mmRapid Metals£9.87 
2Alu. Sheet 4 x 200 x 260mmRapid Metals£9.40 
2Alu. Sheet 2 x 200 x 260mmRapid Metals£5.17 
4Copper Sheet 4 x 40 x 75mmRapid Metals£10.34 
2Chasis AnodisingSkinners£20.00 
4Beech Side PanelsKensworth Sawmills£4.80 
1Refined Danish OilB&Q£6.98 
2Aluminium KnobRS Comp. (467-2520)£10.58 
20M4 x 30 Socket Head ScrewsTool-Net£0.47 
20M4 x 12 Socket Head ScrewsTool-Net£0.47 
50M4 x 8 Socket Head ScrewsTool-Net£1.18 
8M4 x 8 Alu. Socket Head ScrewsDunstable Fasteners£0.50 
20M4 x 8 Button Head ScrewsDunstable Fasteners£1.00 
10Other ScrewsDunstable Fasteners£1.00 
2M5 Nylon Washers (x50 bag)RS Comp. (525-751)£1.50 
85mm Machine Screw InsulatorsHeyco (0150966)£0.00 
20Spade ConnectorsCPC (AR7077566)£0.89 
2Neutrik Socket NF2D-9 WhiteCPC (AV0913866)£4.02 
2Neutrik Socket NF2D-2 RedCPC (AV0913866)£4.02 
44mm Gold Binding Post BlackCPC (CN0693266)£3.80 
44mm Gold Binding Post RedCPC (CN0693166)£3.80 
2Vishay Sfernice P11 Dual 10k PotRS Comp. (188-5408)£10.18 
Total  £283.56 

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