P2P LM3886 Introduction

P2P LM3886 with hi-cap snubberised PSU


More info about the amplifier design can be found here.

More info about the PSU design can be found here.

Build Pics

This is just a few pics of a point-to-point (p2p) implentation of CarlosFM's LM3886 and snubberised hi-cap PSU.

Soldering components to the IC pins.

One channel finished. Very obvious star ground.

Hi-cap PSU with snubber.

Both channels and PSU conencted together.

The other side.

A completed point-to-point power amp.


I'll keep it short and sweet. The quality of this amp is the best I've heard from a chip amp to date. The mid range detail is much clearer than the other implementations I've tried and this is in addition to the added bass as a result of the beefier supply.


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