Tiny and Transluscent Chip Amplifier - TATCA

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TATCA - using LM3875 kit from chipamp.com and audiosector.com

The volume knob was cut from extruded plastic. Heatsinks are from old Cambridge Audio A1 Amplifier. Chassis is kept together with jackscrews found on motherboard serial and parallel ports.

Speaker connectors are from old amplifier too. Gold RCA's and 15 pin D-connector bought new just for looks.

PSU housed in aluminium enclosure, connected to chassis via custom umbilical cable.

Only fused IEC power connector, and 15-pin D-connector on PSU. All amp power, ground, and LED power supplied through umbilical.

Toroid taken from old amp. Sepearate winding on PSU for LED power.

Birds eye view of amp internals.

Underside view of amp internals.

Single 3mm flat LED lighting the pannel edges in the dark.


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