Measure Clamp Concept Implementation


The actual clamp based on the second conceptual design. 2mm thick mild steel piping (50mm x 25mm) filled with cement. I decided to reinforce the vertical legs to make the whole thing more sturdy, and connect the legs with a bar that would allow them to pivot. The driver basket can be firmly attached with nuts and bolts at the top of the legs.

This change makes the structure quite rigid and should allow any practical-sized driver to be attached. An 18" sub would be no problem.

A better view of the base that holds the tall (3 foot) legs.

To improve stability, large bolts (m10) are attached to the feet. This gives the clamp a sturdy base on carpet as well. The bolts are adjustable, similar like speaker spikes.

You can see the cement shoved into the base to reduce vibrations.

A 205mm (basket width) driver attached. The legs pivot inwards to accomodate the speaker.

A rear view of the clamp with the driver attached. The clamp design ensures minimal intrusion in the area around the driver with the aim of minimising reflections that might affect the measurements. The driver is attached with 2 x m4 nuts and bolts.

A 12" driver weighing just under 9kg attatched to the clamp. The clamp itself weighs 13.8kg.

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