Chassis Internals

Firstly I attached all the external fittings and then soldered wires to them using 32 strand (x0.2mm thick) wiring which is about the thickest you can get into the PCB holes comfortably. After getting the hair dryer out to heat-shrink the tubing around the contacts I then added the remaining components.

Here's the first working amp with the chips, heatsinks and pot in place as well. The copper bars were spray lacquered on the non-contact areas to prevent it oxidising (masking out the other areas before spraying), not that I expect many people to peer into it once its finished.

I chose a layout that keeps the sensitive components away from the toroid and rectifier, minimises the length of signal carrying wires and keeps the internals as neat as possible as well. Although it may not appear to look at it, there were many nights deliberating on this layout.

The second working amp in power amp configuration (without pot).


Listening Impressions

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