Transducer in a hurry v2


Using two plastic lids to form an air gap of some usable width, I can get the magnets in closer proximity to each other and thus form a stronger field. The idea being that my new v2 transducer will be ever so slightly more efficient than its bog roll predecessor.

This time I paid some attention to winding the coil. Two layers are wound and covered with tape to hold it in place. I grabbed a CD which makes for a nice speaker cone and attached it to the former (made out of card).

Everything is then put together (who cares about a spider/surround/basket huh?). The image shows only four magnets, but all ten were used, equally spaced around the perimeter of the platic lids during the actual set-up:

So how did it go? Well it certainlly moved. I played some bass tests to see just how much I could make it move (I held the cone by its edges to prevent the former from flying out) and hell yeah did it move! There was a lot of energy going in (dial was half way round on a 60 watt amp), and I had the coil smoking after about 2 minutes. Brilliant. There was a lot of ringing. Can't figure out whether it was the magnets or CD resonating. Pah, who cares.

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