Magnet Assembly


Ok, i'm a believer. This magnet/electomagnetic thing works. Time to take things more seriously. A reasonable amount of research has already been done in designing the pole piece and plates. Now I hope that the magnetic circuit I designed can harness and concentrate the magnet power into the air gap. I have no idea, and no care at the moment on how to measure the flux in the air gap. That will be a consideration for version 25 probably.

I received the magnet structure. It looks awesome. There was no spare mild steel lying around, so a mild grade of stainless steel was used. I'm told it's mild enough to carry magnetic flux - and will do for now. I'm in my little hurry as usual, and when I get the magnets mounted and try to align the top plate, it snaps into an unwanted position. It didn't occur to me that the top plate would be attracted to one side. If you try to move it so that it's centred, which takes quite a force, it just snaps to the other end. Hmmm, small problem.

Ok, so it goes back with my dear unc, who's kindly going to put some non-magnet-conducting pins to keep the top and bottom plates aligned, and as an after thought I could also do with some threaded holes in the top plate to allow a basket structure to be attached later on.

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