The Suspension System cont.


I don't much like the idea of a corrogated paper spider. The elasticity provided by rubber seems like a more intuitive solution and the one i'll be exploring in the first instance. It is more than likely that the consensus on using a conventional spider is for a reason. But i'm choosing to ignore it for this prototype until I find out why.

After sneaking around in the kitchen for a while, I found a stash of rubber washing up gloves which would do nicely for my test suspension system. I don't have a basket yet, and I need a way of stretching the rubber. I decided that two more CD's could be used by sandwiching the rubber circle inbetween. The holes in the CD's were too small for the former to fit through, so I ended up drilling larger ones before gluing the rubber inbetween them with superglue.

The hole in the rubber suspension was half that of the former - which enabled it to grab tightly when pulled over.

The other major change of the day was reducing the voice coil diameter by removing the tape and applying varnish to the coil to keep it fixed to the former. The voice coil now has a lot more room to move without scraping. The perceived output has gone up tenfold at least.

I used a Styrenated Alkyd Varnish that was lying in the garage. Here's a description of it: "Solvented, clear, air-drying anti-tracking varnish for the impregnation and protection of small transformers, coils and windings". I guess that means it's ok for this job. It's rated as class H (180oC). I have no idea if this is appropriate, or how hot the voice coil actually gets. Well then, there will probably be no further mention of it for a while.

The final change of the day was the addition of a better cone. This one made out of card is much lighter in weight and allows me to better realise the effects of the cone.

And a mildstone has been reached, for after the day's doings, my driver actually seems to be emitting midrange data. Hooray.

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