Building the Enclosures Day 1

18mm MDF cut to size using the table saw. It's snowing MDF dust in the garage.

Front baffles made double thick, with strips at each end to strengthen the edges for when they are beveled. I have to work with what I have, and there's only one clamp so I use as much weight as possible instead.

The baffles are beveled on one edge by passing them through the table saw with the blade angled at 45 degrees. This gives a perfect cut through the 3x18mm thick baffle. I decided against doing the second edge purely for aesthetic reasons. I thought this would look much nicer.

A closer view of the baffle and the depth of the bevel.

Attaching 18mm square strips for the corner joints. All joints are glued and screwed. This makes a stronger joint and helps seal the cabinet better.

Enclosure Design

Baffle Part A
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