Building the Enclosures Day 3

It was a mistake to do the driver cutouts first, because I hadn't yet planned how to cut a recess in the baffles to flush mount the drivers. I realised too late that I needed a pivot point in the center of the cutout to make the recess.

So I had to make a template jig for the router to follow. The drivers I'm using have a octagonal perimeter (actually a square combined with circular corners) so this wasn't a trivial task to do accuratly. Using a large spare piece of wood I cut the straight sides using the router with the straight guide attachment. Another mistake in haste was cutting the inner cutout first. Again, I had no pivot point to make the outer cutout. This was easily rectified this time by re-attaching it using a stip of wood underneath.

You can see the circle cutting jig attached to the router here, with all cuts complete.

The large plank with the hexagonal shape cut out will be used as a template to make recessed cuts in the baffle.

The template in use.

Testing to see if the driver fits snugly in its new home.

Both baffles complete. The template worked ok, but it wasn't the ideal method in hindsight. Dragging the router around the same wooden template for four cuts had its toll. The wear on each pass of the template affected the result of the following cut, and so some filling will be required before the finishing stage.

Baffle Part A

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