Building the Enclosures Day 8

Internal Wiring

The internal wiring is made from cat5e cable. Each cat5e cable has 8 conductors, and I used 3 cat5e cables per audio cable. I simply stripped the conductors and connected all the dark sleeved conductors together and all the light sleeved conductors together to produce a 12 strand twisted cable. Each colour pair in cat5e comes twisted together, and then I have also braided the three cat5e cables together. Each audio cable is 1.2 meters long and measures around 0.01 Ohms.


The enclosure is stuffed with 100% Hollow Polyester Fibre Filling commonly used as pillow stuffing. About 200 - 300 grams of stuffing is used per enclosure. The material is pulled apart a little and loosely packed into the enclosure but leaving some free space where the drivers will be mounted.

Driver Fixings

The T-nuts are replaced with metal inserts which are far superior. The T-nuts were churning up the MDF and/or falling out when fixing and removing the drivers, which is something you can't afford to happen once the enlcosure is sealed. The threaded inserts go in easier, grip stronger, and won't fall out.


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